Capacity Building and Education Sharing

  • To provide leadership of YKP and better knowledge on HIV/SRHR


  • This is due to a lack of knowledge on SRHR among YKPs, stigma and discrimination among SRHR service providers, inadequate knowledge on HIV and SOGIE among SRHR service providers, and a lack of proper policy on HIV-SRHR integration. Exceptionally few initiatives have been designed to meet the SRHR needs of YKPs. Therefore, MYS advocates for the SRHR needs of YKPs in the Asia Pacific region by integrating key issues within its training manuals. The TeenGen and NewGen Leadership Training manual incorporate SRHR components, and similarly, SRHR components can be found in the YKP Guidance manual and the Legal Advocacy Toolkit. MYS  also advocates for the inclusion of YKP issues in the global guidance on Out Of School Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE). The guidance developed by UNFPA explores in detail the needs and issues of YKPs.


  • MYS  has partnered with Y-PEER APC (Global Network of Young People working on SRHR) since 2014 to expedite the process of SRHR and HIV integration at the country and regional levels. Some examples include studies on SRHR needs of YKP and skill-building sessions at the International and Regional AIDS Conferences.