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During the second week of May, Myanmar Youth Stars Network organized a significant event called the “Peer Support Group Meeting.” The gathering took place in the meeting room of the MYS office, where enthusiastic and dynamic individuals came together to discuss their achievements and challenges in their journey of taking the PrEP drug. It is important to note that, unlike in other countries, PrEP medication is currently only available to men who have sex with men and transgender individuals in Myanmar.
The primary objectives of the “Peer Support Group Meeting” were to facilitate the sharing of PrEP-taking experiences among the participants, provide a platform for positive and uplifting messages, exchange valuable insights about visiting PrEP-giving clinics, and discuss interactions with counselors at these clinics. Additionally, the meeting aimed to amplify the voices of the attendees through the Myanmar Youth Stars Network, enabling them to convey their perspectives and feedback directly to the PrEP-giving clinics. MYS plays a pivotal role as a coordinating bridge between the service providers and the clients, ensuring that the concerns and experiences of PrEP-taking clients are communicated effectively during the monthly coordination meetings.
By fostering a supportive and empowering environment, the “Peer Support Group Meeting” facilitated the exchange of valuable knowledge and experiences among individuals taking PrEP. This initiative not only strengthens the community’s understanding of PrEP usage but also serves as a mechanism for MYS to advocate for the clients’ needs and perspectives within the service clinics. The event emphasized the significance of collaboration and communication between service providers and clients, ultimately contributing to the improvement of PrEP-related services and the overall well-being of the targeted population.
The success of the “Peer Support Group Meeting” reinforces MYS’s commitment to providing comprehensive support and advocacy for individuals taking PrEP. This event serves as a testament to the dedication and resilience of the young people involved, as they come together to share their experiences, empower one another, and actively contribute to the enhancement of PrEP services in Myanmar.
Overall, the “Peer Support Group Meeting” signifies a positive step forward in fostering a sense of community, promoting knowledge sharing, and amplifying the voices of PrEP-taking clients through the collaborative efforts of Myanmar Youth Stars Network. It is through such initiatives that we can work towards building a healthier and more inclusive society for all.

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